Testing Center Policies for S&T Faculty

The Testing Center coordinates accommodated classroom testing for self identified students with a documented disability, as well as for students who through participation in an off campus University sponsored event, illness/injury, death of an immediate family member, and/or other personal reasons, etc...may need to take a classroom test at an alternate time.

Disclaimer: The Testing Center reserves the right to turn away any testing candidate or student for any reason. If a student is too ill to test in class, the student will not be permitted to test in the testing center until they are no longer ill.


Review the following policies:

ADA/504 Accommodated Classroom Testing    Alternate Time for a Classroom Test (make-up)

The Testing Center requests all classroom tests administered in the Testing Center have a completed Faculty Test Request Form approximately seven days prior to the actual classroom test date.  Without this information Testing Center staff will not have accurate information to administer the classroom test in a fair and consistent manner.

If this form is not submitted for reasonable arrangements to be available at the time requested, then the faculty member is responsible for providing an alternative location and proctor. A test request for the same day will not be accepted.  Testing Center strongly prefers to have classroom exams at least one day prior to the scheduled test date.

Best practices when completing the Faculty Test Request form:

1)  More than one test date can be entered the form

2)  More than one student can be entered on this form

a.  Submit all time and a half accommodations on one form

b.  Submit all double time accommodations on one form

c.   Submit all no accommodations required on one form

d.   Forms cannot be saved and edited

3) Only one course number (CE 2210) per form – this form is unable to separate out different courses (like Chem 1320 and EMGT 1210) taught by the same professor

4)  Required information is indicated by an asterisk * and are the following categories:

a.  Today’s Date

b.  Course

c.  Test Date(s)

d.  Student's Name(s)

e.  Time allowed

f.   Professor’s Name

g.  Requested Services

h.  Delivery Method

Additional directions are provided on the form.  The Additional Comment box is to be used for any information not included on the form.

What happens after the form is submitted?

 1.  Expect a generic email stating we have received the form.  As this is not an automated response, please allow 24 -36 hours from the time submitted to receive a reply. Forms submitted after 4:30pm Friday, expect replies by noon Monday.

 2.  Students must confirm their intent of using the Testing Center’s services by registering for a classroom test a minimum of seven days prior to date the test is administered.

 3.  Once the registration has been permanently made on the Testing Center calendar both faculty and students will receive a confirmation.  The confirmation will be a copy of the Faculty Proctor Request Form.

 a.  As this is not an automated response, yet,  please allow for a couple of days – if no response and it is more than a week away from the test date, the student may not have contacted our office to register/schedule for the classroom test.  Once the intent is confirmed, then the confirmation will be emailed.

 b.  Information regarding emails, phone numbers and personal phone numbers will be removed prior to sending the response.

 c.  If more than one student is listed on the form, then the Testing Center will send separate replies for each student. 

 4.  If you have not received the faculty and student confirmation email at least five days prior to the date the test is to be administered, then the student has not provided the Testing Center with a minimum of seven days notice.  The student will be informed by either email, or in person to immediately contact you so other arrangements may be made.

 a.  Exceptions (illness, recently self-identified accommodations, etc…) will occur and we will work with faculty and students as best as possible; however, same day service will not be allowed.  Less than 7 day notice may be accepted, but is limited due to available resources.

 b.  Testing Center is currently working toward an automated system

 5.  If Testing Center staff has any questions regarding this form, we will contact you first by email – if no reply, then we will attempt to call. 

 6.  If a student schedules a test date with the Testing Center and we do not receive this form, Testing Center staff will conclude the faculty has made other arrangements for the student.

 7.  If a student reports to the Testing Center expecting to take a classroom test and we do not have a test, the Testing Center staff will conclude the faculty has made other arrangements for the student. 

 8. Testing Center strongly prefers to have classroom exams at least one day prior to the scheduled test date.  These materials are stored in a locked file cabinet in a room with an alarm system.

 Accepted forms of test delivery:

  •  hand delivered to the Testing Center Manager (G-10 Norwood Hall), if door is closed insert test into the mail drop located under the Testing Center Services sign
  •  campus mail, but allow for time delays as we do not receive our mail until after 1pm
  •  student may deliver to our office in a sealed, signed envelope - not recommended

What happens on the day of the test?

 1.  Student will be asked to present a photo ID (driver’s license, state ID, S&T student ID).

 2.  Student will be given locker key in which to store all personal possessions not permitted during the test.

 3.  Student will sign in after reading the Testing Center’s Academic Honesty Policy and then will be presented with the test.

 4.  If a student is more than 15 minutes late to a scheduled time block, he/she will be informed to immediately contact the course professor to make other arrangements. 

 5.  If a student has arrived and we do not have the exam prior to the student’s scheduled time block, he/she will be informed to immediately contact the course professor to make other arrangements.

 6.  Students are monitored by staff along with a video camera system

 a.      If academic dishonesty is observed, all materials will be collected and the student will be immediately dismissed from the Testing Center

 b.      Testing Center staff will provide detailed information of what occurred with a Critical Incident Report

 7.  Testing staff will notify the course professor by email and/or phone at the time of the incident or shortly thereafter.  Decisions regarding further action, associated with cheating, disruptive behavior, distracting noises, etc… will be deferred to the faculty.

 8.  If a student has a question, Testing Center staff does not stop the clock, unless it is a documented accommodation, to contact the course professor.

 9.  If the course professor is not available to answer the question, Testing Center staff will inform the student to make an educated guess and to document how and why he/she came to that answer.

10.  When completed with the test, the student will turn it into Testing Center staff and sign out.  Student will collect all belongings and return the locker key.

11.  If the test is to be returned by the student, the test is placed in an envelope which is sealed and signed by a Testing Center staff member – tape will run from one end of the envelope to the other so hopefully it could be determined if the student tampered with the envelope.

12.  If the test is to be picked up by the course professor, then the test will be returned to the locked file cabinet located in a room with an alarm system.

13.  If the test is to be mailed back to the course professor – we do not use campus mail, but will have Testing Center staff deliver the exam.  If the course professor is not in the location stated on the faculty test request form, then the test will be delivered to the department secretary and/or mailbox.

14.  For all of the above methods a signature will be collected so if a test is lost there is a possible starting place in locating it.