Instructor Exam Submission

Testing Services for Students with Exam Accommodations

Students with exam accommodations will use the minerAccess system to schedule their tests in the Testing Center. SAAT currently uses minerAccess to coordinate accommodation requests, student accommodation eligibilities, and faculty notification letters. This system receives a course data feed from Joe'SS.

Students can request the faculty notification letters to be emailed to instructors.

- We will continue to expect students to meet with their instructors to discuss accommodation plans.

- The faculty notification letters will come from this address - MST - Student Accessibility and Testing <>; on behalf of; Student Accessibility and Testing The subject will be Accommodation Notification and it will include the semester and course information.

Each emailed faculty notification letter will include an Instructor Proctor Request Form link. The Testing Center cannot approve student exam requests until the Instructor Proctor Request Form is received.

- This link is unique for each class.

- The form only needs to be completed once per class section per semester. The system will apply the form to all students with testing accommodations in the class section.

- The form can be updated or edited at any time during the semester by contacting the Testing Center.

- Instructors will receive a confirmation email when the Instructor Proctor Request Form is received.

 For instructors who teach multiple sections of the same class, the Testing Center can assist with copying the form to other class sections.

Students must schedule tests themselves by signing into minerAccess and scheduling the exams. The Testing Center can assist students with scheduling multiple exams for a course at once.

- If the Instructor Proctor Request Form has not been submitted, the system will place the request to schedule an exam on hold and send a reminder email to the instructor. The reminder will include the details of the student’s request and the Instructor Proctor Request Form link.

- If the Instructor Proctor Request Form has been received Testing Center Staff will use the course information and Instructor Proctor Request Form to confirm and approve the request. The instructor will receive an email notification of the student’s request.

- Instructors can make modifications to student requests by contacting the Testing Center.

- If a change is made to a student’s exam request, the instructor will receive a notification email.

Exams can be uploaded into minerAccess. If an exam is uploaded into minerAccess, the instructor will receive an email confirming the exam has been received.

Tests can also be dropped off in G-10 Norwood or emailed to the Testing Center at


The Testing Center administers and returns the test according to the directions given in the Instructor Proctor Request Form.

Options available: Scan exams and email or pick-up by Instructor or assistant.

At this time we will not be able to deliver completed exams on campus.

Testing Services for Non-Accommodated Tests (Make-Up Exams, Exit Exams, Etc.)

To schedule a non-accommodated test, students will complete a Student Exam Request Form

The form and more information for students can be found at our Alternate Time for a Classroom Test page.

- The Testing Center approval of these requests will be dependent on seat availability.

- The Testing Center will notify instructors of make-up exam requests, confirm instructor approval, and request proctoring instructions.