Testing Center Policy for S&T Classroom Tests

The Testing Center coordinates accommodated classroom testing for self-identified students with a documented disability. The Testing Center also provides make-up exam services by providing instructors with alternative times for classroom exams, in the event the individual student has other obligations, conflicts, or personal reasons.  Make-up exam requests are required to be approved by the instructor. 

Testing Center Policies for

S&T Faculty                   S&T Students

Testing Center Academic Honesty Policy


Academic Dishonesty includes the following:

a)  In possession of or using electronic items: (these items must be turned off and stored in a locker)

Cellphones, smartphones, earbuds, headphones, laptops, tablets, watches and other electronics

b)  Using unauthorized aids (materials not allowed by professor or test company)

c)  Giving or receiving assistance during testing

d)  Disturbing other examinees or behaving inappropriately

e)  Communicating about the test with any person other than the Manager of Testing Services or Professional Center Staff

f)  Asking Test Center Staff specific questions regarding test content

g)  Removing any part of the test from the Testing Center

h)  Not turning in scrap paper

i)  Not turning in all testing materials

j)  Working longer than permitted

k)  Refusing to adhere to the course professor's directions

l)  Failure to turn in your test materials to Testing Center Staff will result in official notification to the course professor.

Testing Center Procedure for Academic Dishonesty:

a)  Missouri S&T Testing Center uses state of the art video and audio technology to ensure testing security

b)  If evidence is found in regards to cheating, the test will be immediately stopped

c)  All testing materials will be confiscated

d)  Missouri S&T Testing Staff will generate a Critical Incident Report documenting what was observed

e)  The staff will also notify the instructor and/or test company at the time of the incident

f)   Decisions regarding the event will then be deferred to the course professor and/or test company

g)  Lastly, the Critical Incident Report will be forwarded to the student, course professor, Assistant to the Vice Chancellor-Student Affairs; and be kept on file in our office for a period of six (6) months


Missouri S&T Procedure for Academic Dishonesty:

a)  After a Critical Incident Report has been filed, the Department Chair will be notified by the course professor

b)  Student may be required to meet with the Department Chair and the course professor to discuss the events that took place

c)  IN ALL ACADEMIC DISHONESTY CASES, the Department Chair will send a letter to the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Affairs (VPUS)  informing of the situation

d)  A log of all incidents will be recorded in the VPUS’s office

e)  The VPUS will serve as the Hearing Officer in all Academic Dishonesty cases

f)  The VPUS will conduct an investigation into the Academic Dishonesty Allegation

g)  The VPUS will notify the student of the proposed sanctions using the Standard of Conduct

Updated: May 2023