NCEES Fundamentals of Engineering (FE EXAM)

The FE is the first step in the licensure exam process for becoming a professional licensed engineer.

About the exam:

The Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) exam is designed for recent graduates and students who are close to finishing an undergraduate engineering degree. The exam is computer-based exam administered by the testing center located in Norwood Hall and is available year-round.

The FE exam is offered in seven disciplines: Chemical, Civil, Electrical and Computer, Environmental, Industrial and Systems, Mechanical, and Other Disciplines.  Check with your department to confirm whether you're required to take the FE for graduation.

The FE exam includes 110 questions and the appointment is scheduled for 6 hours with a 25 minute scheduled break. 

Registration and Scheduling:

  • Create an account and register with NCEES
  • Schedule your appointment from your MyNCEES dashboard, with the exam vendor PearsonVUE. 
  • The FE is available to be taken at our Testing Center Monday-Friday, along with some Saturdays. To see available dates at testing centers, you'll need to register with NCEES.

On test day:

  • Bring a valid governmental ID (driver's license or passport)
  • Calculator (see policy below)
  • Locked storage is available on-site for personal items not allowed in the testing center 

As of February 25, 2022, the Testing Center is not allowed to provide candidates with handheld calculators. Candidates are allowed to bring one personal NCEES-approved calculator into the testing room. Calculator covers and any spare calculators must be stored in the candidate's locker with other personal belongings.

NCEES-Approved Calculators 

  • Casio: All fx-115 and fx-991 models. Any Casio calculator must contain fx-115 or fx-991 in its model name. 
  • Hewlett Packard: The HP 33s and HP 35s models, but no others. 
  • Texas Instruments: All TI-30X and TI-36X models. Any Texas Instruments calculator must contain either TI-30X or TI-36X in its model name.

NCEES approved Calculators: Casio: All fx-115 and fx-991 models; Hewlett Packard: The HP 33s and HP 35s models; Texas Instruments: All TI-30X and TI-36X models

The FE is available year-round, however candidates will not be permitted to test twice within the same testing window The Testing Windows for the FE are:

  • January – March
  • April – June
  • July – September
  • October – December

Candidates will not be permitted to test twice within the same testing window (the testing window begins with the examinees' original approval date). For example, if a student takes the FE in February, the student would not be able to register to retake the FE in March and would have to wait until the April – June window. Candidates will not be able to test more than three times in a 12 month period (this also begins on the original approval date).

There is a 25 minute optional scheduled break during your exam. The scheduled break is not time triggered.  Instead, candidates may take a scheduled break after completing approximately half of the questions and clicking the End Review button. You will be able to review all questions in the first section before taking your scheduled break.  You will not be able to return to the first section after your break. 

During a scheduled break, candidates may access beverages, food, items on the Pearson VUE Comfort Aid List, medication, and personal items, including cell phones and study materials. You may exit the building during the scheduled break. It is important to return on time from the scheduled break and to allow time for the exam proctor to readmit you into the exam room. Once the break has expired, the exam clock automatically begins again. 

Unscheduled breaks are authorized at any time during the exam. Time taken during an unscheduled break will reduce the amount of time remaining for the exam. Candidates may access only beverages, food, and items listed on the Pearson VUE Comfort Aid List. No other items may be accessed with the exception of medication required at a specific time and with the approval of the test administrator. Items not permitted include but are not limited to cellular phones, other electronic devices, or study materials.  

A reusable booklet and pen will be issued during the check-in process to be used for scratch work, calculations or note taking. 

The reusable booklets cannot be used until after the exam has started, may not be removed from the testing room at any time during the exam, and must be returned to the test administrator immediately after the exam. 

The booklet consists of nine laminated gridded large pages.  The pen is a Staedtler Lumocolor non-permanent fine-tipped marker.  

The FE allows candidates to have two of the booklets and three pens during the exam.  If you run out of space or the marker dries out, please let the proctor know. The items can be replaced at any time during your exam. 

Personal pens, pencils, or paper are not authorized during this exam, no exceptions will be made. 

Candidates can schedule and register for the FE Exam by:

    • Logging into MyNCEES (
    • Calling the NCEES registration number call center at 1-888-866-8766 (toll-free)

For questions, you may phone the call center Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Central Standard Time. There is a $10 fee for candidates who schedule through the Pearson VUE Call Center.

To register online for the computer-based FE and FS exams, visit the NCEES website. 

Go to Log into MyNCEES. If you do not have an account, you need to create one.

How to Create a MyNCEES Account:

  1. Create a username
  2. Create a password that is at least 7 characters which will include 1 number, 1 uppercase letter, and 1 lowercase letter
  3. Provide an email address
  4. Enter your last name – this must match the government-issued ID that will be used to check-in at an exam site (examples are state-issued ID, Driver’s license, Passport, Military ID) Missouri S&T student ID’s are NOT acceptable.

After providing this information, you will receive an email directing you to activate your account.

You must register with NCEES before proceeding to these steps:

Click on the link and go to My Dashboard

Select MY Exams >  Register Now

Provide the main mailing address, phone numbers/emails, and emergency contact (all of this is required).

Complete My Education, inserting the degree you are working toward with a beginning and graduation date.

Select the appropriate Licensing Board –drop-down menu for Missouri  (or another location, if preferred)

Select the FE exam you wish to take – selections are:

  • FE Chemical
  • FE Civil
  • FE Electrical
  • FE Environmental
  • FE Industrial
  • FE Mechanical
  • FE Other Disciplines

You will answer a question regarding Special Accommodations (ADA/504). You will be given a link with information regarding how to request special accommodations. Based on the information you provide, the Pearson VUE Accommodations Team will determine the candidate’s accommodations and make arrangements with test sites.

You will be given an opportunity to purchase practice exams at the time of registration there is a 10% discount.

Practice Exams are $29.95

FE Reference Handbooks are $19.95

You will then proceed to checkout and pay the $175 testing fee, along with any other purchases made at that time. Test site selection and scheduling is not available until the test fee is paid.

If you have questions, an online Chat feature is available on every screen. 

Test Format – The FE and FS exams are administered through Pearson VUE

Study Guides – For study materials, please visit:  NCEES exam information

Accommodations – Please visit NCEES ADA Exam Accommodations

Candidates can request the accommodations listed below. Candidates must submit these requests to Pearson VUE, and all requests must be approved before the exam appointment.

  • Time and a half (exam + 50%)
  • Double time (exam + 100%)
  • Separate room
  • Reader and a separate room
  • Reader and a separate room and +30 minutes

For questions around NCEES required documentation please visit: NCEES Documentation Guidelines