Missouri S&T Math Placement Tests

Missouri S&T requires new undergraduate students to take Math Placement Exams in Algebra and Trigonometry. 

About the exam:

These online exams were written by the Missouri S&T Department of Mathematics & Statistics can be taken at the student's convenience. It is recommended that the student's first attempt must be completed at least 14 days prior to a student's Advising & Registration (A&R) or Transfer Advising Day. These tests are used to determine which math class an incoming student will take.


Information will be provided from New Student Programs as part of your PRO day registration. New Student Programs 


To request accommodations for the A&R Day, Math Placement Exam and/or any new student event, please visit the Student Accessibility and Testing webpage and complete our Voluntary Disclosure of Disability (VDD) Form. SAAT Webpage

Contact SAAT for more information: (573)341-6655 or dss@mst.edu