Accommodated Classroom Testing

The policies listed below apply to students who are registered with the Student Accessibility and Testing office at Missouri S&T and receive testing accommodations. Failure to comply with the Registration Policies may mean you will not be able to take your exam using your testing accommodations. Failure to comply with the Test Center Policies during your exam may result in academic disciplinary action being taken against you.

Testing Center Policies

Each semester prior to taking the first test with your accommodations, students should present their accommodation letter to the course instructor.  The course professor then decides how and where the accommodation is to be met.  If the decision is to use the Testing Center’s services, then the following must be observed…

Confirm your intent to take your test by the test registration deadline. This deadline is three business days prior to the day of your test for tests taken during the semester.  Final exam deadlines – Fall semester must confirm by the last Friday in November; the Spring semester must confirm by the third Friday in March.

Exceptions (illness, recently self-identified accommodations, etc…) will occur and we will work with students and faculty on a case-by-case basis; however, same day service will not be allowed.  Less than 3-day notice may be accepted but is limited due to available resources.

Right to refuse service if:

    • Less than seven days notice from the student
    • Student reports more than 15 minutes late to scheduled test time block
    • A course professor presents Testing Center staff with a test, but the student has not confirmed with the Testing Center.
    • Busy time of the semester, e.g. Midterm and Finals
    • Limited space and/or staff
    • Building maintenance, computer upgrades, special presentations

Schedule test time blocks either by completing the online S&T Student Test Registration Form.  Contact the Testing Center if you have any issues with minerAccess or the make-up exam registration form.  By phone: (573)341-4222 or email :

Take your exam at the same time that the rest of the class is taking it. There are two exceptions to this policy:

    1. If your time adjustment accommodation would cause your test to run over into another class period, then you need to make arrangements with your course professor to begin your test earlier or take it at another time.  You must make these arrangements prior to scheduling a test time block and your course professor has the right to choose when the alternate time will be. They also may ask you for a copy of your class schedule to confirm this request.
    2. If your test falls outside of our testing hours, you must make arrangements with your course professor to take the test during our testing hours. They are listed on the left sidebar. Again, you must make these arrangements prior to scheduling a test time block and your course professor may choose the hours during which you will take the exam.

Do not schedule your test time block for an alternate time, no matter the reason, without first speaking with your course professor. Unless you need an alternate time for the reasons listed above, your course professor has the right to refuse to allow you to test during the time you have requested. If a course professor notifies the Testing Center that they did not approve an alternate test time block, Testing Center staff will not administer your test until the course professor contacts the office directly to approve it.

If you do not receive a confirmation from the Testing Center stating your scheduled test time block is permanent, then the course professor may not have submitted a Faculty Test Request Form.  If we do not receive this form, Testing Center staff will conclude the course professor has made other arrangements for your test.

If the course professor has not delivered a test prior to your scheduled test time block, you will need to immediately contact the course professor to make alternative arrangements. 

 Test Center Policies

The following policies are in place to ensure the academic integrity of the exams. Because we are administering these tests on behalf of Missouri S&T faculty, we require all students to adhere to uniform rules and regulations so Testing Center staff can easily assess whether or not a breach of the Missouri S&T Student Code of Conduct has occurred. If faculty contacts us with a concern of cheating or dishonesty of any kind, these procedures allow us to protect both the students in our test center, as well as the academic integrity of the test.

On the day of your scheduled exam, you must . . .

Arrive at the Testing Center no later than 15 minutes after your scheduled exam time. If you arrive later, you will be informed to immediately contact the course professor to make other arrangements.  If you and the course professor agreed to reschedule your exam, you may do so through the online S&T Student Test Registration form, or by calling our office (573-341-4222) prior to the time of your test. Rescheduling for the same day will not be allowed. Cancellations made less than 2 hours prior to the testing appointment are subject to a No-Show Fee of $10 that will be charged to the student's account per missed appointment. 

Bring some form of photo identification to Testing Services. A Missouri S&T ID, driver's license, state ID, passport, or other issued identification card with your name and photo on it is acceptable.

ONLY bring into the test rooms pens, pencils, your exam/answer sheet, and any items for the test that your course professor indicates are necessary for the test. No exceptions to this will be made.  Food and drink are not allowed in the test rooms, regardless of whether your course professor allows them in his or her class. Hats, coats, gloves, and scarves may not be worn in the testing room. You may be asked to remove other bulky clothing or show the Testing Center Staff that there is nothing in your pockets, in sleeves, hoods, etc.  Cell phones, MP-4, tablets, photographic, and recording devices are not permitted in the testing room.  You will be given a locker key to store all personal possessions.

Stop taking your test and turn it in when your time is up. Testing Center staff will place a timer where you can view your remaining time.  Once the timer sounds, time is up and it is your responsibility to stop your exam and return materials to the Testing Center staff.  Remove personal items from the locker and return the locker key to the staff.

Failure to turn in all test materials to Testing Center Staff will result in a score of "ZERO" for that assignment.  Any decisions regarding further action will be deferred to the course professor.  We are not allowed to collect homework.  Do NOT turn in course homework to Testing Center Staff.  

Immediately leave the Testing Center area, once a test is completed.  Do not linger waiting to discuss the completed test with a classmate. 

 Academic Integrity

While testing if there is evidence that is found or observation has been made in regards to cheating, testing will be immediately stopped and all materials confiscated. Testing staff will notify the course professor at the time of the incident. Thereafter, decisions regarding further action, associated with cheating, will be deferred to the course professor.

Behaviors that may result in the student's dismissal from the Testing Center:

    • using a cell phone
    • using unauthorized aids - e.g. anything the professor does not allow during the test
    • giving or receiving assistance
    • disturbing other examinees or behaving inappropriately
    • communicating about the test with any person other than Testing Center Staff
    • removing any part of the test
    • not turning in scrap paper
    • not turning in all testing materials
    • working longer than permitted
    • refusing to adhere to the instructors' directions Students will be disciplined according to the University's Standard of Conduct.

 Any and all breaches of these policies will be reported to your professor by Testing Services staff.


If a faculty member decides to have a student take a test in The Testing Center, it does not guarantee the student will use the Testing Center for every classroom test.    

The Testing Center does not have the ability or capacity to evaluate individual cases, in regards to test anxiety, English comprehension, or diagnosing disabilities.

*For information regarding how to receive accommodation services, review your accommodations, or request your accommodation letters contact the

Updated on: November 2, 2020