Accommodated Classroom Testing

The Testing Center coordinates accommodated classroom testing on behalf of faculty for students with disabilities who are registered with the Student Accessibility and Testing Services. You, the professor, are notified of such accommodations when the student presents to you an Accommodation Letter originating from SAAT. At which point, you may decide to have the student make arrangements to take their test with accommodations with Testing Center Services. If so, then the following outlines the roles and responsibilities of the faculty, the student and Testing Center Services when an accommodated classroom test is given in Testing Center Services. 

 1. The student will present you with an Accommodation Letter.

 2. Students must confirm their intent to take a test, in the Testing Center, by the test registration deadline. This deadline is three days prior to the day of your test for tests taken during the semester.  Final exam deadlines – Fall semester must confirm by the last Friday in November; Spring semester must confirm by the first Friday in March.

Exceptions (illness, recently self-identified accommodations, etc…) will occur and we will work with students and faculty on a case-by-case basis; however, same day service will not be allowed.  Less than 3-day notice may be accepted but is limited due to available resources.

 Right to refuse service if:

  • Less than three days notice from the student
  • Student reports more than 15 minutes late to scheduled test time block
  • A course professor presents Testing Center staff with a test, but the student has not confirmed with the Testing Center.
  • Busy time of the semester, i.e. Midterm and Finals
  • Limited space and/or staff
  • Building maintenance, computer upgrades, special presentations

 3. Confirmation for testing will be done online by the student; you will receive an email informing you that he or she has scheduled a tentative time block to take a test at Testing Center Services. The email will include the student's name, S&T ID number, date and time they have scheduled the test, and a request for test instructions that will allow us to administer the exam according to your specifications (these instructions are described below). You will also receive a reminder email 24 hours prior to the test date.

 4. Students are instructed to schedule their tests for the same time as the rest of the class; however, this may not be possible in all situations. There are two situations that may cause the student to request an alternate time:

  • The student's accommodations would cause their test to overlap with another class. If the student receives extended time, for example, and has a class immediately following yours, you must allow them to test at an alternate time so they receive their full accommodation. You may choose this time as long as it fits into the student's class schedule and the Testing Services hours of operation. 
  • If the time of the test falls outside of Testing Services business hours, we ask that you work with the student to find a time that is suitable for the student to take the test. All tests must be finished by the closing time, including any time extensions received by the student.

If the student requests to test at a time other than when the class is taking the test for any reason other than those just mentioned you have the right to approve or deny that request at your discretion, as you would with any other student requesting to reschedule an exam.

5. In the confirmation email, you will see a list of options for test submission and a link to our Instructor Proctor Request Form. Fill out this form and select the "Submit" button to submit the form and test to us via email. We strongly discourage allowing students to handle blank or completed exams.

6. The completed test will be returned according to your instructions immediately upon completion of the exam. We will also hold the test in our office for you or a TA to pick up. We will include any incidents noted with the returned tests.

 Important notes:

We suggest when students present their Student Accessibility and Testing accommodation letter to you that you inform them how you will be delivering the exams.  Please let them know if you want them to remind you in person prior to each test or if the confirmation email will suffice, if a TA needs to be notified of the arrangements, or when the student may take exams that fall outside of our normal hours, etc.

If you have any questions about the recommended testing accommodations a student presents to you in a letter from the office of Student Accessibility and Testing (SAAT) or if you are interested in knowing how a student would qualify for accommodative services through DSS, please contact that office at 573-341-6655 or email


The Testing Center does not have the ability or capacity to administer a classroom test to an entire class section.

If a faculty member decides to have a student take a test in The Testing Center, it does not guarantee the student will use the Testing Center for every classroom test.    

The Testing Center does not have the ability or capacity to evaluate individual cases, in regards to test anxiety, English comprehension, or diagnosing disabilities.


Updated on: January 23, 2023